KPC Equa Properties is a premier, full service consulting services firm focused on the Hospitality Industry. We have been engaged by multiple hotel clients to provide consulting and advisory services across various markets. As part of our various engagements, we have provided comprehensive representation to developers, investors, brands and other hotel industry stakeholders. We deliver value to our clients through a range of integrated services aimed at strategic planning, feasibility and financial validation studies, value optimization, augmenting revenue growth, effective cost management and driving business efficiency and automation.

Feasibility and Financial Validation Studies

Through a comprehensive review process, our studies evaluate the highest and best use of the land parcel and defines its suitability for the type and scale of development.

The study will assist the client to identify the optimum development scale, product mix, branding and market positioning through unbiased evaluation of local market conditions, demand segments, market demographics and demand/supply assessment.

The study will also include assessment of Development Cost Estimates, 10-Year P&L Projections and Return on Investment Analysis.

Land, Asset and Portfolio Valuations

Our Valuation Reports derive an independent assessment and opinion on valuation for the land parcel, asset or portfolio of assets being considered for development, acquisition or disposition.

The valuation process is based on a 360-degree market evaluation approach. The aim is to identify key trends that are likely to affect demand dynamics of the market. The direction and growth trajectory for the market in general and the land, asset or portfolio in particular will assist in deriving the 10-year P&L Projections, Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statements, Ratio Analysis and Valuation.

Entry Strategy and Expansion Planning

We assist our clients in evaluating the best opportunities for hospitality development across various product types, markets and asset classes. We undertake a long term, strategic assessment of the operating environment in which hospitality and food services industry is likely to operate and identify the best markets for development and investments.

The strategic objective during the course of engagement will also be to facilitate the development of effective product benchmarks, services orientation and design an operations platform for rollout across markets.

Brand Strategy and Management Contract Negotiations

The strategic objective is to identify the best brand fitment for our client and to ensure that their business and financial interests are well represented and protected during the identification and negotiation stages.

As client’s representatives we will manage the entire brand selection process and evaluate the various proposals received from various brands. Through out the process, we will provide our inputs and recommendations, ensure that proposed terms of are in the ownership’s interest and are aligned with their investment objectives.

Acquisition/Disposition Due Diligence and Receivership

The acquisition/disposition due diligence services caters to buyers and sellers of hospitality assets and assists them to make an informed decision on the planned purchase or sale.